The Great Oracles

Learn more about the great oracles of the world. Women capable of peering into the future...

The Great Calamity

A priest of Ephara tells the story of the Great Calamity to his child. Revealing the origin of the Horizon Walkers.


A professor at Quelling's University of the Weave for the magically gifted gives an explanation on the city state.

Shuroma's Invasion 

Tensions between the Northern Kingdoms Shuroma increase. By Lady Marie Alibert Delancy de Welemina et Carteouneux.


The great mage Kalabrimbor, despite his old age and dimwitted demeanor, a powerful mage master of elements & portals.


Professor O. S. Portier delves into a groundbreaking study of mermaids. Unveil the myths and truths around these creatures.

Elemental Worlds

Some of the closest worlds to Twijorna. Leap into the elemental worlds to see what hides within the air, water, fire and earth.

Students of Elements

Jace, Karla, Marut and Otho. Fire, Air, Water and Earth. What brought these four to Kalabrimbor? Who are they?

Warriors of the Realm

Discover legendary battleforged figures, tales of remarkable warriors, whose fame transcends their very existence.

Steel Dragons

Who are these mysterious creatures? Why is there so little information on them? What's to be expected when meeting one?