Below you'll find a map of Twijorna. New locations will be added as adventurers explore and learn about new places!

Shuroma and the Northern Kingdoms

The northern kingdoms (Ascel, Pendel Isles, Alara, Renne) were once united, but their relations have now deteriorated. Shuroma has successfully conquered the entire southernmost continent and is currently expanding northward, having already seized a portion of Alara's territory.


Quelling, self-governing city-state that remains impartial in all political matters. It funcitons as a trading hub for all nations. Its governance is structured as council with representatives from various influential factions: church, nobility, Horizon Walkers, Order of Mages. Quelling warmly welcomes all individuals, provided they fulfill the required fees. A large tower can be seen from afar that famiously serves as a base for the Horizon Walker Conclave. Quelling's University of the Weave is one of the largest schools of magic in the world.

The Carteouneux Manor

The house of Carteouneux family is a place of culture and tradition. It used to host events as old as the land but with the Shuroman invasion its become a place of trouble and misfortune. The current Lady of the house is Lady Marie Aibert Delancy de Welemina et Carteouneux. A young human lady who took over the concerns of all traditions of the house after her mother's death. The family has noble ties everywhere, even with the royal dinasty of Alara.

New Shuroman Land

The land to the southernmost land of the largest continent (that used to belong to Alara) has already been conquered by Shuroma. Residents that couldn't escape were all killed by the armies of Shuroma that were strengthened by undead and fire elementals. Since taking over, Shuroma has built Sunfire to be its war capital. Battles have been occuring between Alara and Shuroma but none seem to be able to push the other one back. The other kingdoms of the North seem to be distancing themselves from this conflict.


Alara is the strongest of the northern kindoms. It's capital - Trost - is the largest city in Twijorna and home of the royal family. King Romenio as been rulling over Alara for decades but his grip on the nation is weaker and weaker by the day. The war doesn't seem favorable for the nation and the fear of spies has grown the king's fear of any minorities that habit the nation, non-humans and mages alike.

Pendel Isles

Isles that get more and more isolated each day. One of the few settlements in Twijorna that doesn't have humans as a majority of its population. Dwarves organized in clans have always ruled these isles. The isles are known to be host to powerful ores and the crafting of powerful weapons/artifacts.


The cold land of Ascel is vast but mostly infertile territory. The majority of Ascelians reside in Kovir and its surrounding area, as it is the warmest region within the kingdom. The nation enjoys relative wealth due to its ability to maintain amicable relations with all other nations, thereby remaining largely unaffected by most conflicts in Twijornan history. Ascel stands as one of the oldest kingdoms.

Lorfin & Temple of Our Lady of Silver

Lorfin is a small poor town. Due to the Shuroman invasion any resident with enough wealth immediately moved from the town due to the high probability of it becoming a battlefield. There is an isolated temple to the Goddess of the Moon near the town. A lot of priests and clerics live and give praise to Selûne there. It is a welcoming place since Selûne's priestesses are known to help anyone in need of help.

Uncharted Land

Only small settlements exist on these lands, most of it is untamed and unexplored...

Skimpt Thirteenth

A recently discovered continent is now being explored by humanoids. On the northernmost part of this continent, there are 13 small settlements. The vast area between these settlements remains largely unexplored and unknown. There is a peculiar mountain range that surrounds a perilous valley where mysterious disappearances have been occurring.

The Witch's Mire & The Unkempt Lands

The Witch's Mire area consists of dangerous swamps inhabited by peculiar and hazardous creatures. It would be challenging and risky to explore this region. Towards the south lie The Unkempt Lands infused with magic where the laws of nature behave strangely. In this area, three rivers flow in the opposite direction. This area is home to various magical creatures.

Verdant Grove

In close proximity to the Otzarreta Forest and the Lake of Rising Stars, lies a small town - Verdant Grove. This area was explored by settlers originating from Renne and the town has become self-sufficient thanks to its position near the bountiful resources of the forest and lake. Count Aldric presides over the town as its ruler. He is a male human hailing from a noble lineage in Renne that spans several generations.

C Shan't Y Arquipelago

Within the vast expanse of the open sea lie enigmatic islands steeped in secrecy and shrouded in mystery. The true nature known only to a select few. Perilous encounters and frequent disturbances around have forced ships to chart alternative routes that don't involve passing anywhere near them...

Otzarreta Forest

This forest's outermost regions are inviting and abundant with valuable resources but those who persist in venturing further into its depths suffer from one of these two fates: becoming disoriented within and reemerging at the forest's outer edges again or losing themselves never to be seen again.

Singing Port & St. Vicent Orphanage

To the east of the continent exits a small fishing village established by early pioneers. Legends speak of a saint who once resided here, renowned for her remarkable acts of kindness. A few miles from the town an orphanage sustaining itself mostly of donations provides shelter for children who have been unable to find a home elsewhere. The orphanage was named after St. Vicent and welcomes with open arms any lost children.